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writing fuels my passion, and i channel this enthusiasm by setting a goal to write one book each year. while some of these creations have found their way to publication, others remain just for me. if your curiosity is piqued about my unpublished works, don't hesitate to reach out.

me vs chatgpt (2023) 


in "me vs chatgpt: conversations with ai - letters from the heart," i explore the nuanced interplay between human thought and artificial intelligence. based on 52 questions formulated by my friends and family this book delves into the essence of creativity and connection, juxtaposing my introspective thoughts with chatgpt's advanced ai responses. the book features 52 handwritten letters by me, side by side chatgpt's answers. it's a meditation on our potential future with ai, where human emotions and ai insights resonate deeply, urging readers to contemplate the vast possibilities that lie ahead.

print size: a4

pages: 226

limited edition signed copies for sale $99 here


what colour is that sunset? (2022)

was inspired by a phone call during which i struggled to describe a stunning sunset. this challenge motivated me to create a guidebook on sunsets, combining my questions about this daily phenomenon with photographs of sunsets i'd captured, detailing the colours observed in each. 

print size: a5

pages: 72

limited number of copies available upon request


Screen Shot 2024-06-10 at 1.40.56 pm.png

finding quantopia (2021) 

in 2020, i started "the artist's way," a self-help guide designed to awaken the dormant creative within. a key exercise, the morning pages, led me to jot down unfiltered thoughts every morning. unexpectedly, diary entries from a boy in the future began to emerge in these pages. these entries evolved into a detailed 70,000-word narrative about a boy navigating love in a technologically ravaged world. read more.

pages: 153

digital copy available upon request.



30 dinners (2020) 

throughout 2020, to celebrate my 30th birthday, i embarked on a unique culinary adventure. i invited 30 friends to dinner, each on different occasions, where they taught me how to cook their favorite dish. this experience led to 30 profound one-on-one connections. i documented these moments with polaroids and notes about each relationship, later compiling them into a heartfelt book and gift for those who partook.

pages: 66

free copies available upon request


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