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let me preface my view on "work" by saying that for me, work is play. i gravitate towards endeavors that ignite my passion. i believe conscious business is essential for sustainability and prefer collaborating with people who inspire me. if something feels like "work," it might be time to reassess. however, i'm never scared of doing the work if the mission is aligned.

i completed a bachelor of commerce (deans scholars) with majors in marketing and public relations, driven by a keen interest in business and commerce. during university, my best friend and i launched a travel company tailored for university students looking for snow holiday adventures. after outgrowing this venture, i moved to new york city to pursue bigger opportunities on a larger stage.

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in 2014, i met three australians working in nolita, downtown new york. we formed a collective and a clothing store/events space known as convicts and started making films about people we thought were making "the right kind of trouble." this blossomed into a burgeoning creative studio where we create for some of the biggest brands in the world.


"convicts is a purpose-driven brand and creative studio that aims to make the world a better place through original storytelling. we tell stories about the characters, movements, brands, and ideas making the right kind of trouble in culture… and stir up a little bit of our own. born from content, we understand what people want – and we make beautiful, brave work that makes them want to watch it. across our agency work and original content, we create with conviction."

convicts is production company for the film of "be here nowra" which is now my full time project. 


a compliment to be here nowra we created "here in nowra" to invite meditators from all over the world to visit our hometown and enjoy a festival devoted to vedic philosophy, practices, and teachings. in collaboration with the university of wollongong, it seeks to explore the effects of collective consciousness within the community. through a diverse range of activities including meditation, workshops, retreats, and public lectures, "here in nowra" aims to foster a global community united in wisdom, love, and the pursuit of collective well-being.


in 2023, i co-founded clearly music, arts, and wellness with the goal of bringing more great music to the south coast of australia. the festival kicked off in november 2023 at the kiama showground featuring headliners xavier rudd, skeggs, peter garrett, groove society and ruby fields. alongside the music performances, the festival also introduced "clearer," a one-day capacity-building workshop designed to support and elevate emerging artists, providing them with valuable skills and exposure in the industry.

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the baseline happiness project was founded by blaise deangelo, matt handley, and myself. each of us transitioned from careers in the music industry to becoming vedic meditation teachers. we see meditation as a vital tool for cultivating lasting happiness. the project was initiated in response to the widespread mental illness, stress, and burnout in the music industry. our mission is straightforward: raise baseline happiness levels within the music community through teaching meditation. launched in 2023 with rufus du sol at the sundream festival in cabo, mexico, we advocate that true happiness begins internally and radiates outward.


i am an advisor to paxx group, a diverse portfolio of businesses and investments based in sydney, australia. founded by dom furber as audiopaxx agency in 2010, it initially produced high-end boat parties on sydney harbour. leveraging the success of these events, he co-founded your paradise event holdings in 2013, leading to the formation of paxx group. since then, paxx group has broadened its offerings to include music, entertainment, educational mentoring, and audio visual production. the current portfolio includes audiopaxx, your paradise, orbit dj retreats, swerve productions, and kiama music & arts, along with several smaller companies under these brands.

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i am an early-stage investor and advisor to cutso, a revolutionary mobile barber service operating in select suburbs of sydney, australia. cutso offers a convenient solution for haircuts by sending highly skilled and vetted barbers directly to customers' homes. the service is designed to eliminate the waiting times and rushed appointments typical of traditional barbershops, providing a personalised and meticulous haircut experience at the client's preferred location. 

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